About Us

Health optimization from health professionals

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The Prohealthful team have over 35 years combined of working in the health and wellness profession. As a team we are made up of a health coach, nutritionists, a microbiologist and functional medicine practitioner.

We all share the same vision - to help people get the most from their health and wellness. We do this by empowering individuals with the right tests, the right providers and the best advice.

Your health is your life and enabling our customers to be in control is our main focus.

Health Tools to help you start your journey

Starting the journey to better health and wellness can be difficult and often we don't know where to start. Like many people, you have probably been suffering symptoms or pain for many years without successfully identifying the causes or simply adjusting your life around the discomfort. 

Starting with a simple at-home test can be the most affordable and rewarding way to kick-starting better health. No need to wait for expensive referrals from your doctor,  take control yourself today!

We use a panel of accredited lab providers

Our board of test advisors have selected a panel of lab providers and diagnostic tests to provide you with the best possible service. All tests are direct with the lab providers ensuring your security.

Not just a testing service

We also pick a wide range of other tests and support products to help you on your wellness path. We believe that everyone is different and anyone can take control of their health with the help of our tests and products.

Its time to discover a better way of controlling your health and lifestyle

Take control of your own health and wellness by understanding your body better.

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